Zack Snyder will raise a new army of the dead to Netflix

15 years after his impressive “Army of the dead,” who had revealed to the public at large, Zack Snyder will be performing a new version for the account of Netflix, with a plot that occurs this time in a city of Las Vegas quarantine. Warner Bros. France 15 years after its great movie / remake of the army of The dead which had been revealed to the public at large, Zack Snyder, rise again soon, for the account of Netflix this time, a new army of the dead, vintage 2020. Of course, this new iteration on the indestructible zombies will not be a decal of the previous version. The script is written by Joby Harold place his invasion of zombies in Las Vegas. While chaos reigns in the city, a man assembles a group of mercenaries to venture into the area under quarantine, and robbed the coffers of the casinos. Netflix would have recovered the film project who was sleeping in a drawer of Warner for a long time. An interesting fact by the way, because this modus operandi could give life by the following of many scripts put to sleep by the Majors, and that could be produced at the end of the account by Netflix (or any other platform !) to be visible in streaming. Anyway, the production of this Army of the dead, new vintage must start this summer, with a budget set at around $ 90 million. Far, very far from the $ 300 million estimated production budget of the Justice League, the latest film from Snyder. This is the occasion / pretext to (re)see, for the fun, the fabulous generic intro of the army of The dead, assisted by the song of Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around. A generic one that suggested the idea that religious wars are a sign of the Apocalypse… We were talking about it in more detail here.

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