Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 432 of Monday, April 1, 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Sandrine, devastated by the latest news concerning Arthur, takes issue with Bart at the lycĂ©e, Clementine tries to video games. Christelle, on his side, lives a living hell. Capture d'screen/TF1 Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us aired Monday evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Monday, April 1, in Tomorrow belongs to us… Sandrine takes it to Bart and Flora discovers the secret of his son In delirium because of the fever, Arthur hallucinates and hears the voice of a man who asks for money, and the famous key he has lost. Victory, meanwhile, announces to Sandrine Laurence that if the treatment is not working, it will probably be necessary to amputate Arthur. A new upset and angry. Indeed, Laurence promises to pay the hospital, as well as Flora and Bart. Back in high school, Sandrine intends to Mathias and Bart talk about the accident and gave the impression that they laugh. She then takes violently to Bart, not understanding how he can find the situation amusing. Bart ensures that it does not say anything and that he is sorry, but Sandrine does not loose anything. It ends with the process of hysterical, in front of Chloe, and Sandrine, in the end, requires a disciplinary board to punish him. A little later, Chloe asks Sandrine not to mix everything and not to punish Bart by personal revenge, but Sandrine ensures that the disciplinary board is justified, because he had insulted her. In parallel, Hugo and Julien discuss their projects. They have decided to leave the United States, where Hugo will offer courses of kitesurf and Julien will open a small restaurant. Julien would like to see Hugo stops to spend her time with Bart, but Hugo reminds him that Bart has his destiny between his hands. We also understand that the two lovers are in need of money to leave the United States and that Julian should again claim a certain amount of money to persons of whom it is no longer new and that it wishes to put the pressure. Could it be the man that Gabriel and Arthur owe money ? Possible, all the more that George thinks that the list of names that it has printed is related to a traffic. In the evening, Bart finds Hugo on the beach, and the latter continues to play a double game and make him think that he loves her. They kiss, without knowing that Flora is watching… Clementine discovers the world of video games thanks to Amanda during a new session of re-education, Clementine confides to Amanda that she wondered more and more if it will get to walk again one day. For she who has always been in the habit of moving a lot and being surrounded, being alone doesn’t help much to keep morale high. Especially as most of her friends have turned their backs on her when she is in a relationship with Maxime. Amanda advises her then to enroll in a club to engage in an activity and make new friends. She makes him share his passion for online gaming but Clementina seems not to be packed. However, when Maximus comes home from school, he discovers she has bought a console and that she invited Amanda to come be a part of it. And while he wanted to focus on his classes, Maximus ends by being caught up in the game night video of two girls and has even become very buddy with Amanda. Leaving Clementine at the end of a little excluded, once more… Christelle done in the face of terrible pains In Moreno, Sylvain was surprised to see that Christelle refuses to eat anything at breakfast, and the company claims to have already eaten. But in reality she is suffering from pain more intense at the level of the belly and can’t swallow anything. At the hospital, Remy, who is aware of the intervention that it has undergone, trying to reassure her that these pains are normal. It is necessary that your body adjusts to the balloon stomach and be patient. And on the side of Renaud, the sound of a bell is the same. Everything looks normal and Christelle is only facing to the side effects of which he had spoken to him. Renaud tries a little humor on the occasion of the 1st of April, and made believe to Christelle that it is a lot better than a patient who he had to knock the ball through the belly, but Christelle did not want to laugh. In the evening, on the way home, she found Scott in the kitchen with a platter of seafood and decides, once more, stick to a soup, so that his pain does seem to always not decreasing.