The Mysteries of love : Manuela Lopez speaks on his absence, his return and his projects

After 8 years of absence, Manuela Lopez has found Helen and her boys in the 19th season of “Mysteries of love”, is being broadcast on TMC. What had she become ? Why and how is it returned? It tells us about. She left the tv shows eight years ago due to health problems. Became famous thanks to his role as Adeline (renamed later Manuela) in Helena and the boys, Manuela Lopez had until then followed the merry band of AB Productions on The Miracle of love, then in the first episodes of the Holiday of love. She had to find them as early as the third season of the spin-off of The Mysteries of love, but the aggravation of his cardiomypathie acute the in prevented. It is on the 19th season, during the episode broadcast on 13 January 2019, it will finally be making his return to the role of the famous cousin of the Cry-cry of love. During an event inaugurating the 500th episode of the series (to discover in march), we met the actress, in form and determined to “get back in the saddle”. AlloCin√© : What happened to Manuela when she joined the adventure of the Mysteries of love ? Manuela Lopez : This is still not a role of composition, also I would say that it is always a bit of a rebel, always a bit candid, playful, spontaneous, wild, wild, rock ‘ n ‘ roll. She remains who she was at the time and which I am perhaps even more today in my private life. She comes back to see his cousin Christian, and she escapes a situation. I will say nothing more but it moves a little, it is nice. You can imagine that the pace of filming is not the same as at the time of Helen and the boys. What has fundamentally changed? It is very many now ! It runs two days per week, rest to digest compared to what we did before ! Before it was six days a week, and the weekend the song for me. Here I am in the process of rewriting a song. Jean-Luc Azoulay’m preparing two titles for the Zenith. There is a few to fill in the first part of Elsa Esnoult (editor’s note : a singer and an actress, she played Fanny in the series). Next I have a bunch of projects, I finished writing my book, I will also soon launch a call for publishers ! This book looks like me a little, it stings sometimes but it’s still full of sun, from what I was told. How do you explain the longevity of the series, this “Helen and the Boys Universe” ? Precisely because these are not roles of composition. We all brought our personalities, our big features. Our madness, our wisdom, our modesty to everyone. And Jean-Luc Azoulay leads a hand-pleasant and comfortable. It is at home. This is a chance for me to regain my buddies roommate and me back in the saddle in comfort. Interview by Laetitia Ratane on 23 January 2019. Frame and assembling the video by Constance Mathews.